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The rules for writing articles in the Frog Archive. Please follow these rules, otherwise your articles may be deleted. Major:

  1. Frog Archive is an encyclopedia, so articles should describe any phenomena, events, people, etc. (on the principle of Wikipedia).
  2. Observe the encyclopedic.
  3. Comply with the Russian Federation and copyright laws.
  4. Do not copy articles from other sources (even from Wikipedia). If necessary, change the text.

Writing articles about Nazi and extremist organizations

In connection with the Prohibition of Nazi and Extremist Symbols in Russia, when writing articles about Nazi and extremist organizations, the following rules should be observed:

• Use the image below instead of their logos. File name - forbidden-picture.jpg

use this image

• The mention of listed organizations is permissible in the media in a negative way, using the characteristics of “radical”, “extremist”, “nationalist”. The text of the message should contain a direct reference to the elimination or prohibition of the activities of such organizations. • but at the same time observe the encyclopedic.